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Solar energy potential of a building

Investigation of the solar energy potential and energy efficiency of buildings based on detailed 3D building data, digital elevation models, climate normals, and forecasts.

When designing a building, its heating and cooling facilities are planned in the context of the environmental effects (like exposure to sun and wind) at the building’s proposed geographical location.

With the available data on our platform, it is possible to combine 3D buildings, digital elevation models and weather/climate data to investigate solar energy potential and energy efficiency of buildings from our partner countries. This information can be used for better placement of solar panels, for example.


APIs used in this use case

Buildings 2D

Buildings 3D

Digital Surface Model (DSM)


Solar energy example

A 2D building (left), it’s sunshine hours (top right) and it’s 3D model (bottom right). The yellow colour indicates sunshine hours.

Location Europe

The Location Europe data integration platform provides harmonised location data from different countries across Europe. The Location Europe is part of Location Innovation Hub and their networks.

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